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The Essence of Ashtanga for All Yogis


2PM -4PM

$35 Pre-registration; $45 Same Day


This workshop is for beginners and those with a desire for a refresher in traditional foundations.

We will cover the importance of breathing: when to inhale or exhale in the flow of Ashtanga asanas and why. Bandhas will be explored in detail, and how they are applied to both purifications and postures practice. The idea of gaze or attention will also be explored in different forms. During the practice we will stop and go to allow for discussion and questions about the benefits of the asanas.


Ashtanga Basics for All Yogis


3PM -5PM

$35 Pre-registration; $45 Same Day


Ashtanga Yoga is often seen as an advanced practice, but it is not.  It is for everyone. As the father of Ashtanga, Pattabhi Jois, used to say: "Everyone can practice Ashtanga, only lazy people can't!"  This workshop will demystify the idea many have about this practice.  Ashtanga is a journe not a destination.  Ashtanga is more than a physical practice; it is an mental changes you and it could change your life! It is not about flexibility, it is about life!




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