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Another amazing week of Yoga Therapy course with my teacher Manju Jois

Every times, I have the chance to work with my teacher Manju Jois, I feel I am filling my soul, spirit and body with this amazing energy that only Manju Jois can give us. From the practice, the teaching, the pranayama to the chanting it is an amazing experience. Yoga changed my life and keep transforming it. As I begin my week teaching again, I am sharing this love and passion for life and yoga. I share my knowledge and better understanding of yoga with my students and I feel blessed that they trust me and I am able to guide them. As Manju says, yoga is about life. It doesn't matter the number of asanas you can do. Just get on your mat daily. All the stories he shares about his life, his family, his father. He is the real deal and I feel so blessed to be his student.