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Yoga saved my life

Ten years ago, I could barely move. I was in constant and atrocious pain. Why? I don't really know. The body has amazing way to tell you enough is enough with your way of being, living and thinking.

Of course before I realized what was the REAL problem, I did like everyone else do in our Western World, I went to see Doctors. They wanted to operate and fusion my spine. NO WAY! I visited physical therapists, massage therapists, I tried acupuncture (not easy for someone who hates needles), nothing seemed to work.

Then I was introduced to Ashtanga Yoga. I thought it was completely crazy to think that I could get into this practice, I could hardly move my left arm and bending forward was out of question. But for whatever reason, I trusted my teacher Erika Hildebrandt, her patience, knowledge and our daily practice. It was painful and I cried so much. Then, the miracle of Ashtanga Yoga came upon me. Well, there's not miracle, only practice.

I don't know what pain is anymore, I rarely get sick and my life changed for the better. If you have pain, find yourself a GOOD teacher that understands yoga therapy and the body. Find a teacher that knows what pain is. You will see the changes too. Feel free to contact me with your questions. I have made it my mission to help people live without pain.

I have been studying yoga therapy too and work with people that have MS and Cancer. Things change when you decide to make the change.

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